Welcome to another Whiteboard Friday video! In this session, we provide information on how to win with cold calls. I don’t care how much new age marketing you are using, most all companies still can get value out of a strategic outbound sales campaign. So this video contains good tips and philosophy on the art of the cold call.

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Hi everybody and welcome to another addition of Sales Intelligence White Boards on How To Cold Call. Today we’re going to walk you through something that most sales professionals have to do at one point in their career and most new sales professionals always have to do, the dreaded cold-call. What we’ve found is that there are some techniques in cold-calling that can really help you get ahead and really help you advance. We wanted to share some of those with you.

Without further adieu, I am going to walk you through my favorite four tips for cold-calling starting with number one, which is to get to a quick yes. 

Think about this call.

You’re in a conversation with someone who doesn’t know you, and you’re about to try to tell them something that’s important to you that they have no clue about yet. What we always say is that it’s important to try to get a “yes” out of them or some comfortable back-and-forth before going deeper into the conversation. At Sales Loft we may use a technique such as saying this to a prospect, “If we could help you speed up revenue and close more deals, would you want to hear more details about a solution like that?”

Nine times out of 10, people will say, “Yes, tell me more.” It’s a great way to get into the flow of a good give-and-take with a prospect. That’s number one, get to a quick yes. We recommend you try to find out what your quick yes is. It going to be different for each business, but put it into play, and I think you’ll enjoy the results.

Number two is to relate to your prospect through research. This cannot be said enough. Get on the web and find out information about them. There is tons of stuff out there. LinkedIn, web searches; the tools are endless now in terms of the stuff you can find on people you care about. Get out and understand things that are happening with their business. What’s the latest news that has occurred? What has this person done throughout their career? How can you connect with them through these contextual events and

The third thing is get to your goal and get to it quickly. When you’re in a cold-call, it’s the first conversation. You’re not going to close a deal. You want to get to some milestone. Those milestones may be a demo, it may be a face-to-face meeting or it may be a call involving more people in their organization, but identify what that goal is and go after it hard.

Once you get it, walk away having known that you’ve got a successful win. Obviously, this goal is different is different also for many different companies. For us, it would be getting to a demo. Our first conversation would be get to know who we are, and we would love to show you what we do.

The fourth is very important. This is, “Follow-up or fail”. I once heard this from a famous networker. He wrote it in a book, and it really applies true to cold-calls as well. As a sales professional, you’re earning trust with your prospect. Really, the only way to earn trust with someone is to make commitments and follow through. While you’re on that call, make commitments, and then afterwards follow through, and do it quickly and exactly how you said you were going to do.

Those are quickly, four cold-calling tips. We hope you enjoyed it. Please feel free to come back and check us out soon. Thanks and have a great day.