This evening, we got one of the most special treats we’ve had since TechStars started. We got to listen to the man, Howard Diamond drop knowledge on us. It was powerful.

This man has sold over $14Billion in software…there are rumors that he has sold more software than anyone else in the world.

Here are some of the most important takeaways from his talk:

  • Raise your prices – it doesn’t matter what they are…raise them.
  • People – everyone says it, but nobody has convinced me as much as this guy the importance of hiring A people & the belief that he actually does it. If someone checks all the boxes but you have a minor concern, go with your gut & do not hire them! If they check 3/4 boxes but you’ve interviewed 100 people, keep on interviewing.
  • Leadership is not management. Management is based on authority but leadership is based on empowering and motivating your team .
  • Mesmerizing, story-telling, captivating dude. If that classifies as a bullet point 🙂
  • Listen: Make everyone of your employees feel like they have a say in the decision. Even though he makes the final decision, listening is the most powerful tool a leader can have.

Here is a video of Howard from a previous chat (pick up at minute 5)

When asked which leaders he admired, he quickly mentioned John Chambers. He is the CEO of Cisco. I watched his interview with Charlie Rose and was convinced.

Bottom line, when this guy speaks, everyone listens.

Howard Diamond for President
Howard 30 minutes after his 1st Q&A…still going strong