By now, we’ve hopefully convinced you that the value of TechStars is the mentors.

And on that note, we’re excited to share our three new lead mentors. We’re honored to have the following superstars on board helping us as we build SalesLoft to be a must use app for sales reps across the world:

Introducing....Our New TechStars Lead MentorsAri Newman – An investor and entrepreneur, Ari is extremely talented and super familiar with our industry. The founder of Filtrbox, he has specific experience building a company and conducting a successful exit to one of the most major players in enterprise social software, Jive. Ari has already been instrumental to our business. You should follow him on Twitter here & check out his awesome page.

Introducing....Our New TechStars Lead MentorsChris Moody – Chris is the President and COO of Gnip & together they are changing the way that big social data is captured and delivered to business professionals around the world. They have the particular honor of being one of the few Twitter partners as resellers of their massive social fire-hose as well as Boulder’s “best places to work”. Chris has an awesome guest writing series on Brad Feld’s blog that we think you should check out: Moody on Management…& you can follow him on Twitter here.

Introducing....Our New TechStars Lead MentorsT.A. McCann – T.A. McCann is the man (we couldn’t pass on that opportunity). The founder & creator of Gist, successfully excited to RIM, TA is a pioneer in the world of social selling. He’s also a startup scholar and the entrepreneurial coach equivalent of NBA’s Phil Jackson. He writes a hell of a startup blog & is active on Twitter.

All in all, we’re super excited and honored to be working with such champions. We urge you in your business to find mentors and advisors who can really help you flourish. Stay tuned for more on the TechStars, SalesLoft mentor crew!