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The Ultimate ATL Sales Conference: What You Need To Know about December 5th, 2013

I’ve seen at least 100 presentations in my career and the four guys below are my four favorite in the world when it comes to sales.

On December 5th, we’ll be hosting a half day sales conference from 10:30am-3pm at the Atlanta Tech Village.

Joining us, we’re thrilled to have:

1. Steve Richard of Vorsight


Sales Training is Steve’s specialty. As Co-Founder of Vorsight, he’s built a world-class sales training process focused on the underserved top of the funnel, objection handling and customer communication. He’s a star when it comes to  hiring, training, and coaching, and you will walk away with super actionable new sales behaviors. Guaranteed.

2. Howard Diamond of MobileDay


Having sold over $14 Billion in software, Howard has undisputedly earned his stripes. With a powerful portolio of successful sales businesses, he’s a strong mentor for young sales professionals and an engaging speaker. He’s a sales hero who will empower you to accomplish mastery in sales.

3. Derek Grant of Pardot


Derek is Senior Vice President at Pardot (recently acquired by, and is a master of selling marketing automation. We’ve been lucky enough to interview him about hiring, team building, and much more, and are excited to have him on stage this winter to connect with local Atlantans.

4. Allen Nance of WhatCounts


As CEO and Founder of WhatCounts, Allen is an entrepreneurial kingpin and a sales leader. He was the keynote speaker at this year’s B2BCamp, preaching the concept of “allbound” leads where he gave a “drop the mic” performance never to be forgotten.

We’re super excited about this event and are counting the days until it arrives. Join us on December 5, 2013 to learn more about everything sales.

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Written by Kyle Porter

Kyle Porter is the CEO and Founder of SalesLoft. He is an avid writer and speaker on the topics of sales, marketing, and entrepreneurship.