Tony Stark is the alter ego of superhero Iron Man.

For those who don’t know, Tony is a genius. He’s a billionaire business mogul and an expert in nearly every field of engineering. He is accomplished, well respected, and internationally recognized for his achievements.

On many measurement scales, Tony Stark would be the perfect human.

But being a perfect human is not enough.

In order to save the world and rid it of villains, Tony must be more than human. With an arc reactor and armored suit, Tony partners with machine.

Tony Stark

Now Tony can fly….literally.

He has superhuman strength and durability. He has regenerative life support. The dude has freaking missiles and energy blasts.

Paired with machine, Tony is unstoppable.

You can be the same way.

Great sales people are the perfect human. They ask strategic questions and sit back and listen. They are experts on the phone. They understand the problems of their clients and present great solutions. They’re witty, charming, intelligent, and get shit done.

But being the best (human) salesperson is not enough.

In order to crush quota like an Iron Man villain, you also need to partner with machine. And your machine, my friends, is the internet.

Tony Stark copy

With the power of the internet you can

In sales, you can do more, faster and stronger with the internet.

Your internet, through your laptop or mobile phone is your armored suit. It’s your bionic arm and arc reactor. It’s your ability to become HUMAN + MACHINE.

So wear it well my friends.

The future of our industry, as well as your business and livelihood depend on it.