When it comes to the latest software and products, the public tends to look to Silicon Valley. But thanks to investors, engineers, and skilled sales executives, Atlanta is gaining recognition in the SaaS industry.

We’ve put together a list of the SaaS sales executives who have been making a splash in A-Town. These six influencers have become the movers and shakers in their industry while setting the bar high for increasing brand awareness and revenue.

1. Derek Grant, FullStory


Derek is one of the most passionate sales leaders you’ll meet. Known for his short, often witty sales proverbs, he is an established Atlanta sales leader with over 10 years of sales experience ranging from field-based to inside SaaS sales.

As the former VP of Sales at Pardot, he built the Pardot sales team from scratch leading to a $100 million acquisition. He talks to Kyle about that experience in this video.

Today you can find Derek crushing it at FullStory, an Atlanta-based startup whose platform captures mouse movement, clicks, page transitions and more, allowing for session playback for support teams to understand user flows.

Be brief, be brilliant, be gone.

2. Tyce Miller, MobileMind


A software industry veteran, Tyce knows SaaS sales inside and out. His career has spanned across the most influential software companies in Atlanta including IBM, SAS, and Airwatch.

Passionate about emerging technologies, Tyce has recently started a new venture–MobileMind. MobileMind addresses the challenges of mobile technology enablement in education through collaboration of educators and technical minds.

3. Jordan Rackie, QASymphony


Known for speeding up sales cycles, this sales superstar joined QASymphony as their Vice President of Sales, bringing along the experience and foresight necessary to scale their sales development team and grow their revenue.

Prior to QASymphony, Jordan directed the sales team at PeopleMatter, utilizing social proof to grow the young company. As an early sales leader at Pardot, Jordan helped drive the company to the $100 million acquisition by Salesforce.

The best way to coach is to really be adaptable to your team.

4. Kevin O’Malley, Catavolt


With over 15 years of product management and marketing experience, Kevin is a key player in the Atlanta sales scene.

Kevin is the VP of Marketing and Sales Development at Catavolt — a mobile app platform that assists manufacturers in bringing mobile apps to the plant floor.

This unicorn, who spoke at our first-ever Rainmaker Conference, has a rare set of skills — with the understanding of how to build products and how to sell them. He’s also the man behind the infamous “unconference” — the B2B Camp in Atlanta.

5. Wes Easom, Liaison Technologies


For years Wes had an impressive record of achieving 100% of his assigned sales quota. Now as the Director of Sales for Liasion Technologies — an industry-recognized leader in cloud-based integration and data management offering— this sales pro coaches his team on reaching their sales potential.

During his time at Liasion Technologies, Wes has experimented with different tools, technologies and methods of lead generation. The result? Finding a combination of best practices including: Process, Tools, and Mentorship.

These key areas have laid the groundwork for consistent quota achievement and overall job satisfaction with the sales teams.

6. Adam Lewites, Insightpool


Adam was one of the original founding team members at Insightpool–a platform that intelligently predicts the ideal people and precise actions to drive measurable impact… it’s taken the marketing world by storm.

Today, Adam oversees sales development, sales, and client engagements for the organization that he helped to build.

Adam spoke at the Rainmaker Conference, sharing the challenges he’s faced while scaling sales and sales development in the social media industry.

These industry pioneers have made a splash in the south, but we want to know who the SaaS sales influencers are in your city?