12 days of #saleslove

Welcome to the 3rd annual 12 days of #saleslove! For each of the next 12 days, a new gift you’ll open: a gift of tips and sales tricks from members of the Salesloft team, designed to help you and your team be successful.

You can follow Kyle on LinkedIn here. And click here to watch the video Kyle mentioned from our website.

Click here for more information on our new Pause Cadences feature, and for details on how to filter Conversations and create Saved Views. We have even more features launching soon; join us for our Virtual Summit on Dec 15 to see what’s coming next.

If some of the things you need happen to be a consistent way to generate pipeline, manage deals, and have meaningful conversations with customers, we’ve got you covered. Or, click here to listen to our recent Hey, Salespeople podcast episode on ‘Why Your Tools Must Play Nicely Together.’

Click here to learn more about streamlining your calls by using the Salesloft dialer, including the option to use our mobile app. Concerns about compliance and regulations? Click here for information on managing call recording and governance in the platform.

Need a refresher on all of the panels in our Analytics Dashboard? Click here for an overview and details about the data contained in each report.

If you’d like more tips about how to personalize emails in an authentic, scalable way, check out our Blog posts on the topic here and here. Learn more about our in-app personalization reporting here.

Did you know that Salesloft has 100+ integration partners? To learn more about how these integrations can benefit your team, or if you’d like to learn how to enable an existing integration, click here: https://integrations.salesloft.com/

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Interested in adopting this approach for your team? Follow Ollie on LinkedIn, or check out his reading recommendations: The Happiness Advantage and The Making of a Corporate Athlete. He also wrote this blog post about Building a Culture That Fosters Resilience.

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