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How are you standardizing your processes to keep your sales team on track? Is your tech stack helping or hurting your progress? Are your sellers spending too much time on CRM data entry instead of connecting with customers?

The pandemic accelerated the need for digital transformations within companies. In the rush to standardize processes and train new remote sellers, many companies made the mistake of adopting more technology to get around data integration issues, creating a complicated tech stack and, ultimately, problems in the sales process. 

Salesloft’s 30-minute, no obligation, no strings attached sales assessment evaluates your current sales process for areas of improvement.  The discussion will cover the following areas:

  • Global sales benchmark
  • Sales process assessment
  • Effectiveness of tech stack 

Learn how you stack up against other B2B sellers and discover best practices to improve your sales process and performance.

This assessment is best for:

  • Chief Sales Officers/ Chief Commercial Officer/ Chief Revenue Officers
  • VP of Sales & Business Development
  • Sales Managers
  • SDR/BDR Leaders

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