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The Call Collaboration Sensation

November 12, 2018

Your attention, please

In today’s fast-paced world every seller knows how hard it can be to capture and keep a prospect’s attention. Buyers’ inboxes are stuffed with offers, and cold calls often result in equally full voicemail boxes. This makes it all the more crucial to demonstrate value, build rapport, and maintain engagement.

A prospect may answer today, but there is no guarantee they will answer tomorrow.

This is true throughout the buying journey. Anytime your prospect is not speaking to you they are likely not thinking about you or could be speaking with a competitor. What starts as a promising lead can lose momentum in the blink of the eye the moment you end a call.

But what if…

What if you could seamlessly move prospects through to the next stage without needing to schedule a future call? What if you could immediately bring in a subject matter expert to answer their pointed questions without ever needing to put the contact on hold?

Nearly 6 in 10 prospects want to discuss pricing and see a demo on the first call. – HubSpot

Sales reps should be prepared to field and react to such requests. This not only streamlines the transition between sales stages but also demonstrate a level of preparedness and professionalism that could set you apart from your competition.

Enter Salesloft

Call Collaboration, available in the dialer, empowers team members to seamlessly bring a necessary stakeholder directly into a conversation. It takes traditional call transfer methods to the next level, reducing any need to put a prospect on hold or wait until a follow-up meeting. Less dead time is shown to improve pipeline momentum, ultimately empowering better experiences throughout the customer journey.

  • Maintain momentum. A better buying experience means that anything that can be addressed now can and should be addressed now. Adding a subject matter expert or a manager is simple and seamless with Call Collaboration.
  • Optimize the buying experience. Eliminate dead time between conversations. Don’t schedule time for later if you can get the right person on the line for the buyer now.
  • Progress deals faster. If the customer is ready for the next phase of the conversation, let it happen and pass the call on to the colleague best positioned to assist.


With Call Collaboration just click ‘add participant’ in the Salesloft dialer to easily add a team member to your ongoing call.


Call Collaboration works with any Salesloft phone call whether outbound, inbound, using passthrough/local dial, once the call is connected.

  • The call owner may select from any team member with a Salesloft login and active dialer.
    • If the requested participant does not join the call, the owner can remove the request without affecting the current call.
    • The call will remain open so long as any single team member remains connected.
    • Only when the last team member leaves will the call end.
  • Any team member who took part in the call will have the opportunity to log their activity.

We are grateful to have you here with us on this journey and hope you feel the #saleslove with this announcement. We are always excited to hear your feedback. If you have any questions please check out the Knowledge Base, or contact

This feature will be available to all Salesloft customers in the coming weeks. If you wish to request early access contact and request ‘early access to call collaboration’.