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Dialer: Super Charged + Secure

April 23, 2019

Dialing is a critical tool in any B2B seller’s toolkit. Building a sales career in this day and age almost certainly requires a stint as a cold caller or sales development rep in its many flavors, but the importance of calling isn’t isolated to prospecting.

92% of all customer interactions still occur over the phone and 80% of sales meetings require 5 follow-up calls to progress deals further down the funnel.₁

Sales reps need to provide personalized buying experiences at scale, connect with prospects to build lasting relationships, and close more deals all while potentially managing poor call routing or connections, dropped calls, hung dials, or outages from disengaged vendors.

Salesloft connects millions of calls per week across the globe with a 4x faster response rate than the top competitors, resulting in consistently clearer calls. But outbound calling is only one aspect of the sales process when it comes to your dialer. Other critical elements include:

  • Streamlined incoming call flow. Optimized workflows are instrumental, like accessing and displaying contact history when a customer is trying to reach you.
  • Secure call sharing. Protect prospect, customer, and employee conversations by limiting access to Salesloft recordings to only those with Salesloft access.
  • Conversation intelligence and insight. Insight into customer conversations is crucial when working to elevate the buying and selling experience.

Surely you’re not surprised to find we cover all of these, and more.

Salesforce and Fielding Incoming Calls

Salesloft supports and tracking incoming calls based on dialer settings. Beyond supporting incoming calls, Salesloft also works to streamline the process around accepting the call, empowering reps with the information needed to best serve the customer.

When accepting an incoming call, if the incoming number is associated with a record in Salesforce, Salesloft will automatically open the appropriate Salesforce profile page associated with the incoming number.

This simplifies the workflow for incoming calls, reducing the need to open new tabs, and increasing focus for improved productivity.

Secure Call Sharing with Authentication Requirements

Privacy and security are top concerns for today’s modern sales organization, as regulations continue to evolve managers struggle to strike a balance between collaboration and governance. Recording Authentication provides managers and team members a secure way to collaborate when not using Conversation Intelligence.


With Recording Authentication team members can share recorded calls with confidence. Improving transparency in customer conversations and upgrading individual performance through a secure channel.  

Conversation Intelligence for the Dialer

Did you know: Conversation Intelligence is not limited to screen share applications?

Conversation Intelligence empowers sellers to better serve their prospects through the use of conversational intelligence. For a solution to offer conversational intelligence it must be able to record, transcribe, and analyze recorded conversations.

Conversation Intelligence does just that for any conversation that is longer than 60 seconds offering unparalleled insight into the live interactions sellers have with prospects and customers alike. It follows the call recording and governance settings established by Salesloft admins and is compliant with call recording regulations.

Calls and meetings captured by Conversation Intelligence are stored with the Conversation Intelligence recording library. The library can be organized into customizable groups and categories based on need. Salesloft users can curate clips of key moments and share with internal or external stakeholders using specialized share features.

Conversation Intelligence + Dialer

Conversation Intelligence shared recordings do not require authentication but in exchange, they do offer engagement tracking for sellers and interactive features for a unique viewing experience for buyers.

All sales engagement platforms should increase pipeline, but only Salesloft helps you increase your win rate through features built around process management, calling, email, engagement, and conversational intelligence.

Thank you for allowing Salesloft to continue to serve you. We are always excited to hear your feedback. If you have any questions, please check out the support articles on the Dialer and Conversation Intelligence, or contact

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