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SalesLoft Product Release: Dial Your Way To Success (From Any Phone!)

March 31, 2016

Supercharge your desk phone with the Salesloft Dialer call pass-through. Now, with our newest platform release, you can enhance your existing dialer by having every call forwarded to the phone of your choosing. Computer, desk, or cell — you’ll never miss a sales call again.

So what made us build this, you ask?

In the Salesloft community, we’ve learned that there are customers who struggle with poor internet connection, or some who haven’t been able to optimize their connection to withstand a Voice-Over IP (VOIP) solution. In these cases, they’ve been experiencing poor call quality due to lack of bandwidth.

This was simply not an acceptable user experience by Salesloft standards! It was because of this common roadblock in the user community, we decided to create the call pass-through feature for those in need.

Now, what does call pass-through allow users to do, exactly?

First of all, it allows you to make calls with ease by using the Cadence interface. This will connect to a phone of your choosing. We’re talking:

  • Your desk phone
  • Your cell phone
  • Your car phone
  • The Bat phone

…Even the Zach Morris phone will do!

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 8.53.31 PM

All outbound calls will have the ability to:

  • Automatically record calls
  • Track call analytics
  • Log disposition and sentiment analysis
  • Automatically drop voicemails
  • Log in as an activity in Salesforce
  • Use LocalDial
  • Toggle call pass-through on/off for each call

How To Set Up:

Step 1: Navigate to your Settings by clicking your name in the right hand corner.
Step 2: Click “Calls” from the Settings menu.
Step 3: Set your Pass Through Number.*

*This is the number that will be dialed when placing calls from Salesloft. You can use a landline (like your office desk phone) or a mobile line. Just note that numbers with extensions are not currently supported.

Here’s a quick walkthrough:

Using the Call Pass-Through Dialing Feature

Once you’ve enabled pass-through, you can begin using it immediately when running call steps or one-off calls.

Step 1: Place your call through Salesloft as normal. The pass through number you selected will ring and you’ll see an alert at the top of your screen.
Step 2: Answer your pass through phone and press “1.” Salesloft will then complete the call by dialing your prospect.
Step 3: Complete your call as normal, or drop a voicemail.

Here’s a quick walkthrough: (1)

More information about call pass-through:

  • Enabling and Disabling
    Once pass through dialing is enabled, it’ll always be used by default. You do have the ability toggle pass-through dialing on and off by clicking the pass-through icon on the dial pad. See here: (2)

  • Plans and Pricing
    Pass through dialing is available for all plans! There is no additional fee for using pass-through dialing (but usual Salesloft dialer credit fees do apply).

Call pass-through is yet another step to advance our dialer tool, enable our users, and empower customers to supercharge their existing dialer with all of the features of the Salesloft Dialer. No matter what your phone of choice — users now have the ability to track all of their dialing data within Salesloft today.

Not yet a user? Why wait? Talk to our sales team and get signed up TODAY!