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SalesLoft Product Release: Configurable Open and Click Tracking

May 26, 2016

As interactive Salesloft users, many of you like to monitor and utilize click tracking in your Cadence emails. The valuable insight this data provides helps you to understand both the level of interest, and the amount of engagement, from each of your prospects. And in some sophisticated cases, you can use clicks as ‘triggers,’ designed to tee up a call follow-up, or other specific activity.

But even with all these positive attributes, open and click tracking are not always the best options for your sales emails. In fact, there’s one major reason that click tracking may not be the best strategy… which ultimately inspired the newest Salesloft release.

We’re excited to announce that Salesloft now allows you the option to turn off open and click tracking!

Now, some of you may be asking, “But why would I want to turn off open and click tracking?”

Historically, scammers and spammers have configured URLs to look normal. However, when a person clicked those URLs, they would be taken to a place they didn’t want or intend to be. That’s why spam filters were built — to look out for these types of links, and protect their users.

And while a tracked link in Cadence isn’t configured in quite the same way, there are still some of cases where spam filters will flag tracked URLs, resulting in a decreased delivery rate.

Ultimately, this means that harmless SDRs, simply trying to track prospect engagement, are consequently being penalized for tracking their links.

The best practice? A/B test your templates by enabling and disabling tracking — and then measuring the results.

Configurable Open and Click Tracking:

Users can now configure whether a template should track opens (via pixel) or clicks (via link-wrapping). *Note: This is a per template setting. The default initially sets “Open and Click Tracking” to be “on” for all templates.

How to configure open and click tracking:

Configure click and/or open tracking on any email template by using the “open” and “click” buttons in the email compose editor:

Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 2.57.49 PM

Setting open and click preferences on a template will persist whenever that template is used — either one off or within a cadence. When open and click tracking is on, the icon color changes to blue.

Users can also change these options during one-off sending:

Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 2.59.16 PM

With the most recent Salesloft enhancement, users are able to A/B test deliverability rates of tracked vs. un-tracked emails, and configure their templates as they see fit.

Always be testing for more productive Cadence. What works today won’t always work tomorrow.

When it comes to hyper-personalization, testing is key. Dive deeper into your sales development team’s email tracking history, uncover the successes (and even the failures) within your data, and then use that data when finding your place on the personalization-automation continuum.

For any questions, you can reference the Knowledgebase or contact

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