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AI That Actually Works: High Deal Engagement Scores Show 8x Higher Win Rates

Frontline managers know a handful of deals can make or break a quarter. Every day, they face the task of overseeing sellers who collectively manage hundreds of deals at a time.

It’s a challenging job. Without an effective way to prioritize which deals need attention, winnable deals often fall through the cracks. Forecasts collapse, too.

To truly understand deal health (and act accordingly), managers and sellers need an unbiased and data-driven perspective to ground their hunches.

That’s where Deal Engagement Score comes in. It’s an AI-driven metric that helps frontline managers and sellers identify which deals need their attention.

Pressure-Test Your Forecast (And Leave Guesswork Behind)

Designed to predict win rates based on 30+ factors, Deal Engagement Score applies an advanced machine-learning algorithm to assess deal health. 

By analyzing factors like response rate, deal age, stakeholder analysis, and engagement frequency/recency, our native machine-learning model generates a score from 0-100 for every opportunity in your pipeline.

This is especially useful when forecasting: If reps get creative with their forecasts, managers can pinpoint deals with low or downward trending scores, dig into the data to understand the discrepancy, and adjust the forecast as needed.

That’s because Deal Engagement Score highlights which elements most positively and negatively impact each score to help frontline managers organize and prioritize their team’s entire book of business.

The numbers prove it. In an analysis of more than 8,000 opportunities across 22 Salesloft customers, we found that win rates are 8x higher for deals with high engagement scores than deals with low scores. Specifically:

  • Deals with a score of 70 or higher had an ultimate win rate of 72%
  • Deals with scores of 40 or below had an ultimate win rate of just 12%

Armed with this level of predictive insight, managers and sellers who use Deal Engagement Score know which deals need more support, which deals are at risk, and which deals they should probably exclude from forecasting.

Deal Engagement Score Dashboard View


More Than Just a Number: Understand and Act on Scores in Context 

Deal Engagement Score Detail ExampleNumbers aren’t particularly useful on their own. To help managers make meaningful sense of their team’s pipeline, Deal Engagement Score also provides insights into why a score is high or low, and what it’ll take to raise it.

This level of transparency is a critical part of any useful AI. For Salesloft customers, it increases the value of the score while also building trust in the “why.”

Since managers and sellers can check the algorithm’s key factors against their own intuition and awareness of the deal in play, they can make more informed decisions about which actions will improve their success.

Frontline Managers

  • Ground yourself in facts first: Combine qualitative feedback from your direct reports with quantitative data from Deal Engagement Score. Gut instincts are great, but what does your data say?
  • Prioritize winnable deals: Focus your team’s energy where it will have the greatest impact by investing in the deals most likely to close.


  • Stay one step ahead: Understand the engagement scores for different opportunities and develop proactive plans to mitigate risks with high-priority deals.
  • Think differently about individual deals: Build and expand awareness around the factors that influence or slow deal progression.
  • Progress as many deals as possible to close: Turn data-based insights into concrete, coordinated actions that help your team move more deals through the pipeline.


“I am so excited about Deal Engagement Score! I love the explanation of the score as it helps our reps think differently about each of their deals, and ultimately will help me guide more of my reps to quota attainment.”  –Eric Sparks, Director of Inside Sales @OneCause


One of our product principles at Salesloft is to help our customers do their best work. With these new findings from our data science team, we know that Deal Engagement Score is providing high-value signals to sales teams and helping customers close the Revenue Performance Gap™.

Because ultimately, the best measure of this (and any AI) capability is whether it drives action that leads to positive outcomes. Deal Engagement Score does, and as more data becomes available, the model will become even smarter to power your revenue performance.

Want To Learn More?

To learn more about Deal Engagement Score and other solutions that can help your team forecast with precision, check out our Spring 2021 Product Announcement.