Committed to Serving. Determined to Solve.

Everyone in Customer Experience at SalesLoft brings something amazing and different to the table. Composed of data geeks, salespeople-turned-advocates, heroes, friends to heroes, avid readers, and won’t-take-no-for-an-answer types, we channel all of our strengths into an unparalleled “what can we do to equip you for success today” focus that we call #customerlove.

We empower success through:


Customer Success



A Strong Foundation


The strongest relationships grow from the strongest foundations. As the first stop for new customers, SalesLoft Implementation partners with sales teams to truly understand their use case, objectives, and specific needs to provide a highly-customized on-boarding journey. We provide the tools, strategies, and guidance that help customers optimize their process and drive success.



Customer Success

The success of our customers defines our success as an organization. On the SalesLoft Customer Success team, we are partners and advocates to help every customer achieve their desired results. We are consistent and reliable fixtures throughout the customer journey, passionately providing expert industry and product knowledge with our own style and personality.


Technical Expertise


On the SalesLoft Support team, we are more than the average customer service team. We are authentic people and expert problem solvers focused on helping our customers overcome any challenge they encounter. Our technical expertise and deep knowledge give our customers confidence that they can accomplish even their wildest goals. We deliver a highly-customized service experience with our customer at the center.


Sales Engagement Education


Changing the sales industry takes more than technology. It requires a shift in mindsets, knowledge, and education. The SalesLoft Training team is dedicated to facilitating this shift. Through in-depth education and learning, we help our customers grow and revolutionize their entire sales organization. We prepare each and every customer to be a modern seller.

“Think the exact opposite of your current cable providers’ customer service….”

-Daniel McClain, Netuitive

Committed to Serving.

“They have unreal, super helpful customer service and their content is chock full of great advice and inspiration.”

-Mitch Dupuis, ProntoForms

Determined to Solve.

“The customer service is very attentive and works relentlessly to correct any issue.”

-Clay Bowen, Acuity

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