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MSP Live Q&A – Enterprise Sales is Broken

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Aug 20, 2020

Thursday, 11:00 am (America/Los_Angeles) https://liveqa-enterprisesalesisbroken.splashthat.com/

From Modern Sales Pros:

Modern Sales Pros | Live Q&A – Enterprise Sales is Broken

Your SDR does a discovery call and hands the prospect off to an AE. The AE then asks the same discovery questions as the SDR. At some point the SE gets involved, again asking your prospect the same questions.

When that prospect finally buys, they have another discovery call with the post-sales team.

What’s wrong with this scenario? Why is the enterprise sales motion broken for so many organizations and what can you do to fix it?

Join this live Q&A to hear how two industry luminaries, Scott McCorkle, former President at ExactTarget and former CEO at Salesforce Marketing Cloud, and Jake Sorofman, former CMO at Pendo, are solving today’s broken enterprise sales process, not only with sound first principles but also with software.

Register with your most pressing questions about the broken enterprise sales process and we’ll use them to guide the conversation and will answer them during this live event.

Moderator and Panelists
  • Scott McCorkle, CEO, METACX
  • Jake Sorofman, President, METACX

Register here.


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