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MSP | Live Q&A – Scaling Revenue from $5-$25 Million

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Sep 23, 2020

Wednesday, 11:00 am (America/Los_Angeles) https://liveqa-scalingrevenue.splashthat.com/

From Modern Sales Pros:

Modern Sales Pros | Live Q&A – Scaling Revenue from $5-$25 Million

Scaling your winning revenue strategy.

If you’re like most revenue leaders, you’ve got a strategy to get your revenue scaled. There’s an idea that your first million is the hardest, so if you’ve gotten there – what’s in the way of scaling your revenue to $5 million? $25 million?

Truth be told, there’s a fine line that separates successes from failures, and a big part of that is how you approach creating a revenue strategy that works. Instead of training your people to execute, you should be focusing on the truest first principles of building a revenue engine.

We’re sitting down with Ali Mirza to talk all things revenue strategy: common pitfalls, strategy, and scaling. If you’re interested in taking your revenue engine from $1 million to 5 or 20 or more, you’ll want to join in and learn how to mitigate your problems before it’s too late.

Key Topics:

  • Common pitfalls companies run into while scaling and how to mitigate them
  • Revenue strategy that works
  • How to approach common scaling problems

Live Q&A and Moderator

  • Ali Mirza, President, ROSE GARDEN CONSULTING
  • Richard Sgro, GM, Communities, MODERN SALES PROS

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