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MSP | Live Q&A – Win as a Team: Collaborative Selling

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From Modern Sales Pros:

MSP | Live Q&A – Win as a Team: Collaborative Selling

Historically, alignment between revenue departments has been difficult to achieve. It takes a village for success in sales, but to win as a team you must set up a system of collaboration.

In this session, Avoma‘s Founder & CEO Aditya Kothadiya will be available to share best practices on how sales can work well with other disciplines.

During this LIVE event you’ll learn about:

  • Collaboration between revenue departments (leadership, marketing, product, engineering, customer success)
  • Collaboration between systems (records, engagement, intelligence, automation)

Don’t miss this chance to ask the expert live!

See you there!


Event Format & Agenda

  • Introductions
  • Digital Q&A Overview
  • Pre-Submitted Q&As
  • Live Q&As

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