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MSP | Masterclass – Let’s Talk Speed To Lead

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Feb 4, 2021

Thursday, 11:00 am (America/Los_Angeles) https://masterclassletstalkspeedtolead.splashthat.com/

From Modern Sales Pros:

Modern Sales Pros | Masterclass – Let’s Talk Speed To Lead

The problem we’re tackling: Buyers aren’t sending you signals of interest until they’re already 60-70% through their buying decision. Your ideal window to engage buyers is shrinking.

We’re sitting down with the team over at XANT to talk Speed To Lead and why it’s an essential mindset for getting in front of your buyers before their minds are made up.

Here’s The Agenda
  • Let’s talk about the 2021 purchasing landscape.
  • Who are your buyers? And what’s the optimal time to get in front of them?
  • What are you forgetting in your current prospect > lead process?
  • The processes that will set your Speed To Lead program up for success.
Panelists and Moderator
  • Steven Eror, Director of Business Development, XANT
  • Richard Sgro, General Manager, MODERN SALES PROS

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