SalesLoft and LinkedIn Sales Navigator

SalesLoft proudly integrates with LinkedIn Sales Navigator as a member of the Sales Navigator Application Platform. Not only do we surface real-time insights on the companies you engage with, but we also incorporate social selling with LinkedIn Sales Navigator within your sales workflow.

Seamless Integration

LinkedIn’s network of over 500 million users has a unique depth and quality of information. You can leverage this in your sales workflow in the way that works best for your organization. Seamlessly.

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LinkedIn Sales Navigator Steps

SalesLoft’s LinkedIn Sales Navigator steps let you bring your most important social selling functions directly into your playbook cadences. Alongside email, phone, and other steps, LinkedIn research, sending InMail, and connection or introduction requests can be specified. Everywhere you work too, whether it is in SalesLoft or Salesforce.

Let the LinkedIn Sales Navigator steps enhance your selling experience. Infuse social touches in exactly the right phases of your playbook cadences to rise above the noise of email and phone and stand out.

Consistent Timing. Guided Social Selling.

Improve Workflow Efficiency

The triple touch approach of sales email, phone, and LinkedIn is a proven method for sales cadences. LinkedIn Sales Navigator steps help salespeople stay focused, do less application switching, and deliver a better sales experience.

Make the Most of the Third Channel

Most of us reserve LinkedIn purely for work-related activities, so there’s far less distraction there. Leveraging LinkedIn Sales Navigator in the right situations with the right timing can revive an opportunity that’s gone cold. The average email has a 3% response rate, while the average InMail has a 15% response rate. In fact, a high performing salesperson using InMail can have a 30%+ response rate.*

*Doug Camplejohn, VP of Product Management Sales Solutions at LinkedIn

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Smart Panel

Let the LinkedIn Sales Navigator Smart Panel enhance your selling experience. Gain real-time insights on the companies you’ve engaged with, see current and shared connections at those companies to build authentic relationships, and uncover commonalities that will help you to better engage with your audiences.

Feature Rich. Incredibly Simple.

Real-Time Account Information

Stay up-to-date on key accounts with relevant account intelligence, powered by LinkedIn Sales Navigator. See relevant headlines and articles related to an account, people in your network connected to the account, and even recommended leads you should pursue inside that company. LinkedIn’s powerful network can help you breakdown walls and open doors at your biggest accounts.


Get a Helping Hand With Icebreakers

Starting a conversation can be hard, but LinkedIn’s network of over 500 million users can make it a breeze. See an opportunity’s recent posts to their profile or company page, identify your mutual connections, and even reach out to your network for an introduction. LinkedIn Sales Navigator puts everything you need to connect with your prospects, right inside SalesLoft.


Get Started with LinkedIn Sales Navigator for SalesLoft

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“Finding the right people in our target accounts, and then knowing precisely what to say when we reach them so we connect with them – that’s where the LinkedIn Sales Navigator integration with SalesLoft wins for us.”

-Kyle Norton, VP of Sales, League


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