Modern Call Coaching

Call coaching is a crucial part of sales success. Live Call Studio helps you do it better than ever with live-call monitoring and robust features that let you coach your team in real-time.


“”With Live Call Studio, we provide the modern sales coaching our team needs to make every rep a top performer.””

-Simeon Watson Jr, Manager Inside Sales @ CallidusCloud


Multiple Ways to Engage and Coach

Every coaching situation is different, and Live Call Studio provides you three different ways to engage with your reps.

Listen In

Live Call Studio enables you to hear what's happening on any of your team's live calls with the click of a button.

Whisper Feedback

Deliver the coaching a rep needs in the moment by providing feedback that only the sales rep can hear.

Join the Call

If you need to join an ongoing call yourself, Live Call Studio allows you to seamlessly enter the conversation.

Feature Rich. Incredibly Simple.


Coach Your Team from Anywhere

With Live Call Studio, you have the ability to provide the same level of call coaching as you could sitting right next to a sales rep, from across the office or across the globe. Whether you seek out active calls or respond to a real-time request for help, this call coaching boost contributes to a crucial part of onboarding new sales reps and developing your existing team. Live Call Studio allows you to provide the attention and care good coaching requires, at scale.

Improve Onboarding and Performance

Better call coaching doesn’t just mean improved performance for your sales reps. It also means more value for the company. Better call coaching has been shown to improve onboarding times, improve message consistency, and shorten time-to-value of new hires. When your sales team wins, the whole company wins.

Ready for the Future of Call Coaching? We Thought So.