Auto Sales Prospecting
SalesLoft's Auto Sales Dialer Tool allows you to use the local area code when calling potential prospect. One of the most prevalent obstacles in the sales development calling process is that many prospects will not answer phone calls from unfamiliar area codes. Sales Dialing allows SDR's to scale their calling practices. Studies show that by calling from a local number, SDR's can improve their call answer percentage by up to 50%.

Here are some helpful prospecting facts to help you with your auto sales prospecting process:

  • Responding to leads within 5 minutes are 100x more likely to be qualified
  • Waiting just 10 minutes to respond to a web-generated lead drops the likelihood of qualifying the lead 4x
  • Only 27% of web-generated leads get contact at all

Ultimately, SalesLoft's platform allows you to increase number of conversations and appointments created with your potential customers is what SalesLoft is all about – granting you more sales opportunities. For more information on maximizing results, download our ebook.