How to Create a Business Email that Converts

Everyday, thousands of cold emails are sent. Wether from marketers, sales reps, or even marketing automation subscriptions, emails are sent by the thousands. 

A decent percentage of those emails are opened. Wether by intent or on accident, some people will take a look to see what the email is all about. Many are then deleted. And very few are ever responded to.

So how does the modern sales professional stay on top of the wave and ensure their voice, or pitch, is heard?

Personalization! Although the days where most emails that were sent were opened are gone, the modern sales professional must adapt to these times by utilizing tools such as SalesLoft to ensure they are personalizing their mass emails while scaling. Personalizing emails with a platform like SalesLoft can dramatically increase qualified appointments by up to 300%.

 Here are some more tips to increase the chances of having your emails heard:

- Use the 10/80/10 method of personalizing the first 10% and last 10% of the email body. All while using 80% template through the email.

- Do research on what your prospect is posting about on social media; reference that in the email.

- Stay current on recent events of your prospect's company.

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