Effective Sales Strategies Start with SalesLoft

Many companies have transitioned to an "email first" stance as an effective sales strategy - using a combination cadence of email and phone to reach out to prospects. Finding the balance between phone vs. email differs company to company, depending on their target customer. However, the idea is consistent – using both phone and email is a more effective strategy to connect with more prospects.

SalesLoft can help your SDRs create a more productive workflow with our email tracking and sales dialer platform. Check out just a few of the features of this cohesive prospecting solution:

  • Create sales email templates, share them across the team - track open and response rates, giving you insight as to which emails are performing best
  • Increase conversations with automatically executed call lists - the simplest, most efficient sales dialer available
  • Send only emails and make calls that are most successful, using data to determine reply and conversation rates

When you join the SalesLoft family, you will have the tools at your fingertips to develop the most effective sales strategy for your company. We have put together a great eBook on sales leadership. Check it out, its free.