Ways to Personalize Email Templates Examples with SalesLoft

SDRs are the front-end sellers, the consultation creators, and growers of the revenue pipeline. And the growth of every sales organization is in the creativity of the SDR.

By using strategies to both follow the structure, but also personalize email templates examples to fit reps' specific style, many successful SDRs increase their efficiency through the removal of the monotony of a day-to-day grind.

Here we have Kevin Dorsey, SnackNation's Director of Sales, to walk you through 3 sales development tips to help you be the best in the Outbound rep role. See below to get Kevin's tips on how to follow your playbook, while still reflecting your own personal style in the process.

1. "If there is a playbook, follow it. That’s my number 1 tip because I think most SDRs come in and make changes too early. They should follow the process 80% of the process, and 20% to experiment, so that’s my 1st tip."

2. "Let personality come out through the cadence. Your cadence is your structure, but put flavor into your emails, your voicemails, and use your own language (the way you would normally) so that people get a feel of who's emailing them. Make changes, but make those tweaks so that it just sounds like you coming through."

3. "Just be more strategic with your outreach. Don’t just do a hundred companies blind, go after 40 and tailor those emails to them, which Cadence let’s you do so easily, that’s why we have it. Tailor those emails, you’ll get a better response rate, start a better relationship, and not have to go after as many at one time."

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