Finding the Best Free Business Email Account

There are tons of business solutions to help people better succeed and stay organized. But where do we spend the most time? Our email. Finding a great business email account is vital to the success of any SDR.

Sales reps spend 80% of their day in their email, so as you can imagine, finding the best email account provider is very important. While it may be difficult to find a free business email account, there are plenty of solutions on the market that allow companies to integrate their email with other business solutions; all without breaking the bank. After you find a powerful business email account, it's time to find a solution to streamline and accelerate your sales process. That's where SalesLoft comes in. 

Companies that use SalesLoft often see a 300% increase in qualified, scheduled appointments! Here are some other things SalesLoft can help you do:

- Streamline the sales process through sales reminders

- View powerful analytics to quickly access your SDR team's performance

- Increase qualified scheduled appointments by 300%

- Make your sales calls directly from the SalesLoft platform; while recording and monitoring the success of each call.

Your inside sales team can easily implement sales development concepts into your team with our "What is Sales Development" eBook. It provides a framework success for your inside sales team in the new era of modern sales.