Pipeline Development through Sales Development

Sales Development is the hottest term in sales. But what is it?

In the modern sales landscape, sales reps are having to become more and more agile in their reach-out and follow-up process. With growing competition, more spammed inbox, and less people actually opening their emails, sales reps must take a personalized approach to even being to start conversations with prospects.

Sales pipeline development must be streamlined through the entire process - from the prospecting process, to the reach-out, to closing deals, sales managers must ensure they have the right tools to increase sales rep productivity through every step of the process. With SalesLoft, you can streamline the sales process and ensure all reps are on their A-game. 

Here's some results to expect from the use of the SalesLoft platform:

- Increased sales rep productivity, enthusiasm, and deal acceleration.

- Decreased time in between the initial prospect conversation and set appointment.

- Increase of 300% in scheduled qualified appointments.

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