Sales Prospecting Plan
The Sales Dialer feature in SalesLoft allows your team to use a local area code when taking on the cold-call reach out process. A common barrier in the cold calling process is the problem that a great number of prospects will opt to not answer calls that are received from an unknown area code. The SalesLoft Sales Dialer feature allows business development reps to amplify and accelerate their calling practices and better develop a sales prospecting plan; all while also positively driving answer rates. This gives SDRs the more time to have meaningful conversations with prospects and to be able to develop and execute on sales prospecting plans. In recent studies, it has been proven that when making a call from a local number, business development reps can improve their call answer rates by as much as 50%.

To help you better act on new leads and provide you with concrete advice to better create a sales prospecting plan, here are a few tips we have found to be pretty helpful:

  • When a sales development rep responds to a lead within 5 minutes of being received, they are 100x more likely to qualify.
  • If an SDR waits just 10 minutes to respond to a web generated lead, the likelihood of qualifying the lead drops 4x.
  • Only about 27% of web-generated leads ever get contact at all

Ultimately, SalesLoft's platform allows you to increase number of conversations and appointments created with your potential customers is what SalesLoft is all about – granting you more sales opportunities. For more information on maximizing results, download our ebook.