What is the point of the Sales Prospecting Process?

Today, an effective Sales Prospecting Process requires sincerity and scale, personalization and reach, heart and muscle.

Check these sales prospecting statistics in order to help you recognize a few of the challenges that Sales Development Reps face when trying to reach buyers:

  • An average SDR calls 52 times/day
  • Connecting with a buyer requires at least 18 dials
  • Less than 1% of buyers will call back and there is less than 24% of sales emails being opened

Two core beliefs to instill in your SDRs for a successful sales prospecting process:

  1. Reach more prospects
  2. Target and personalize your message for better engagement

It's not easy to achieve the right balance between that personalized, sincere message at scale, but it can be done by the right people, with the right tools, and the right processes and techniques in place.

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