Sales Prospecting Software for Sincere Selling

In order to become sincere sellers, today's SDRs need the right Sales Prospecting Software to personalize their approach.

While it's true that reaching your buyers now is harder than ever before, a combination of the right techniques and tools will help you achieve the upper hand.

Check these statistics about why being first to reach a buyer exponentially increases your odds and creates an advantage for you:

  • Sales teams have a greater than 56% chance to attain quota if you're able to engage a buyer before they contact a seller
  • The 1st viable vendor that reaches a decision-maker and sets the buying vision has an average close ratio of 74%
  • Half of buyers will choose the vendor that responds first

Now you can see why it's important that you have a CRM that integrates with your sales prospecting software, and helps to have email tracking enabled so that you can leverage the advantage of being a first-mover.

With SalesLoft's email tracking software and analytics, you'll be able to sell sincerely even while reaching a large number of prospects.

Give it a test run for free today!