Sales Prospecting Tips for Sales Development Reps

These Sales Prospecting Tips for Sales Development Reps are designed to help you reach sincerity and scale.

The major challenge today is that getting in touch with your buyers is now harder than ever.

Take these sales prospecting stats into consideration:

  • An average SDR makes 52 phone calls per day and it takes 18 dial attempts to connect with just one buyer
  • More than 99% of buyers don't call-back
  • More than 26% of sales emails go unopened

With these stats in mind, here are two fundamental sales prospecting tips to be successful in sales development:

  1. You want to reach more people to play the numbers game
  2. You want to be targeted and personalized with your messaging approach

While it may seem difficult to balance a sincere approach at scale, it can be done with today's tools and technologies that help you walk the middle ground.

Reach ideal prospects at scale with personalized and targeted messages that resonate with your buyers.

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