Today's Best Sales Prospecting Tools

Today's best Sales prospecting tools allow you to reach scale without losing that sincere touch that gets your prospect to respond.

Check out these sales prospecting stats and you'll see why this is such a challenge for the modern Sales Development Rep:

  • Sales Development Reps make around 52 calls per day
  • A single buyer takes 18 dials to get connected with
  • Less than 1% of prospects call back and less than 24% of sales prospect emails are even opened

These are the two building blocks that lay the foundation for successful sales prospecting:

  1. Reach more people
  2. Target and personalize messages

While the odds seem stacked against your favor, you can strike this balance and achieve sincerity at scale by using the best sales prospecting tools, techniques and processes out there.

Reach your ideal prospect with the ideal message that resonates with them.

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