Small Business Sales Development

In SaaS sales, groups of prospects are often broken up by company size and expected revenue. Some example buckets an SDR might throw a prospect's company in include:

- Small Medium Business

- Mid Market

- Enterprise

With each of these buckets come specialized reach out processes and techniques. Specifically, for small businesses, it's important to state your value and be transparent with pricing from the get-go. With many small organizations unsure of what products they need and what it'll cost them, it's the sales development rep's job to clearly state the value prop and how they, even as a small business, can utilize the technology to rapidly grow.

With SalesLoft, business development reps can reach out to all levels of companies with confidence. Here are some of the tools SalesLoft provides:

- Email tracking to stay on top of warm leads and monitor interests

- Call logging to keep track of what calls were made and when

- Analytics and A/B testing to ensure you are reaching out in the best, most proven, approach

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