Sales Engagement, Meet Meeting Intelligence.

Your sales meetings are where deals are won and lost. Now you can easily capture, annotate, analyze, and share the crucial moments and insights from your meetings to coach, accelerate deals and improve the effectiveness of your sales teams. All with the leading Sales Engagement platform.

Deliver A Better Selling Experience

Share recorded meetings and clips directly with your customers. Receive notifications on their engagement and insights from their areas of interest.

Connecting Your Sales Meeting Cloud


Connect in Seconds. Unlock The Hidden Value of Meetings.

Consistently improve your sales meeting performance with the most comprehensive suite of features.

Ramp Reps Twice as Fast

Create libraries of your best sales meetings and calls to bring new reps to productivity faster. Provide new hires with the best moments from your top sales executives.

Uncover Key Meeting Insights

Never lose track of the key moments of your meetings. With live note taking and complete recording and transcription, you’ll never miss the key takeaways from your customer touchpoints. Get through hour-long meetings in under 5 minutes, focusing on the moments that matter for you and your team.

Scheduling Made Easy

Simply connect SalesLoft to your calendar to automatically capture and record your sales meetings and calls made through the SalesLoft Dialer. Our bot sees your upcoming meetings and it shows up on time, every time.

“Having a record of all our meetings and interactions, and being able to quickly pinpoint and learn from what’s working best across our teams – has been a game changer for our organization. We’re able to onboard and coach our reps easier, and we’re seeing the results as those reps become more effective sellers.”

-Donna Sanborn, Dude Solutions

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