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Sales Tracking Software

Salesloft’s tracking software allows teams to track, manage, and analyze their sales activities with pinpoint accuracy.

Harness newfound insights to gauge sales performance, improve pipeline data, and boost individual sales reps’ selling practices.

Workflow Automation

Our sales tracking software utilizes automation so salespeople can streamline their day-to-day.

Trigger notifications and schedule reminders help team members stay on top of sales opportunities. Focus on priority business needs by automating basic tasks. Or take advantage of cadence tools to seamlessly move every prospect through the sales pipeline—all through one platform!

Real-time Sales Forecasting

By selecting the right sales tracking tool, sales teams can exceed quotas and deliver forecasts in real-time.

To keep you on track, use Forecast by Salesloft to triangulate your call with sales metrics including your team performance and forecast, weighted pipeline, and AI forecast. With Forecast as part of a comprehensive platform, you can immediately take action on deal gaps and opportunities to improve conversion rates and surpass projections.


Sales tracking software makes it possible to personalize your messages and close more deals.

To help simplify follow-up, Salesloft automatically logs every digital interaction. Use Conversation Intelligence Intelligence to create transcriptions or playback video calls to review later. Use this call data to sharpen your skills and glean insight into the deal cycle as a whole.

CRM Functionality

Say goodbye to clunky spreadsheets and hours of data entry: Our sales tracking software syncs with your favorite sales CRM platforms!

Stay on top of customer relationship management and integrate with Salesforce, Hubspot, Microsoft Dynamics, and other popular CRMs. Sync all interactions with your CRM to eliminate inaccurate sales data and increase visibility into the sales funnel.

Sales Process Reporting

Quality sales tracking software provides in-depth insights into your sales process and sales strategies.

To build more comprehensive sales reports, combine Salesloft Deals with our sales reporting software.

Sales managers can follow their reps’ pipelines, coach more diligently, and maintain project management. Sales leaders also benefit: By forming more accurate intelligence, they can replicate their team’s best sales plays and close more deals, faster.

How to Get Lead Management Software
In a perfect world, prospecting is as simple as connecting on LinkedIn. But effective lead generation takes many more touchpoints and lead management can be complicated. A data-backed sales approach is the only way to reel in best-fit customers.

Salesloft Prospect deepens your current pool of knowledge thanks to an easy-to-use, data-rich, multi-channel workflow.

Assess and manage lead tracking more efficiently through a single app. Sync your activities and intelligence on sales leads with your CRM software. Share information with your team and build a pipeline based on complete knowledge, rather than half-truths or outdated data.

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Sales teams in charge of closing deals require a fresh perspective on the sales cycles before they can improve pipeline management.

For in-depth sales tracking, check out Sell with Salesloft.

Thanks to increased visibility into all sales activities, managers who use Salesloft can keep their deals on track and step in quickly to assist reps. Use comprehensive sales data to modify sales strategies and close deals faster. Maintain transparency for coaching, selling, and forecasting.

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To create an exceptional post-sales customer experience, customer support teams and account managers need a thorough yet simple way of tracking activity.

Salesloft Engage delivers on all fronts with our engagement-focused workflow.

Equip your team with Salesloft to track all buyer engagement. Log activity and review captured conversations to improve customer relationships. Study account health in full so both sales managers and leaders can build new strategies to increase sales, renewals, and product adoption.

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For teams focused on full-cycle selling, a flexible sales tracking system is critical to closing deals, scaling the sales process, and meeting quotas.

Sales teams can use our Enterprise package to track every stage of the revenue lifecycle.

From first contact to the end of the pipeline, Salesloft can log and sync all activity with your CRM. Not only does this improve data quality, but it also helps pinpoint your best (and worst) sales strategies. Use enhanced transparency to stay on top of deals, execute sales plays effectively, and replicate success based on hard data.

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