Intelligence & Analytics

Review. Analyze. Act.

Optimize Everything.
Sales is a tactical game, requiring the right intelligence at the right time. Arm your team with the data they need. SalesLoft was designed to provide intelligence at the moment you need it, helping to increase SQL-to-opportunity by 20% alongside similar boosts in productivity.
Lead with Confidence

SalesLoft supplies actionable insights that professionals need to optimize performance, improve effectiveness, and scale success. Break down complex data into what you really want to know: are you being effective? SalesLoft makes it easy to understand success at a glance.

Lead Intelligence
SalesLoft aggregates relevant information for a lead, time zone, activity history, personality disposition, and even news updates directly in your workflow.
Persona Insights
Account-based sales requires deep understanding of personas. SalesLoft identifies the best channel, email times, and call times based on your distinct personas.
Optimize Activity
SalesLoft can identify how consistently your team engages across any given set of accounts, so you know exactly how well your team is adhering to your sales playbook.
Custom Dispositions
Leverage fifteen custom activity fields for deep insights into every activity. These include out-of-the-box solutions, such as call duration, sentiment, disposition, cadence identifiers, and more.
Have a favorite reporting tool? No problem.

SalesLoft works hard to surface your data in meaningful ways, but we understand that not all reporting tools are created equal. We built a partner ecosystem of top reporting tools and can support powerful custom experiences through the use of our APIs and coding guides.

Partner Ecosystem

All your favorite apps in one pane of glass.

API and Documentation

Discover a RESTful way to interact with data from your SalesLoft instance. Push, pull, and test your integration.


You know the basics of RESTful APIs, we get it. Do you want to do more? Dig through our guides.

“SalesLoft really reduces the amount of time it takes for a rep to be productive and start contributing. I’d say in 45 to 60 days [since switching to SalesLoft] we started to see an uptick in the number of reps reaching and exceeding sales quota, and it continues to increase.”

Steve Dodsworth, Alteryx

Third-Party Data Partners

Choose from a suite of data partners to enrich your accounts and gain tactical insights.

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