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Only 13% of buyers believe salespeople understand their needs. Sales engagement platforms must allow you to increase engagement opportunities and maximize effectiveness through native intelligence. While many sales engagement platforms have partnerships that support meeting recording, only SalesLoft offers the capability natively.
Call Recording Review

SalesLoft gives you the option to automatically record conversations, track disposition, conduct sentiment analysis, and analyze call outcomes, right within the platform.

Record Everything
Reduce distractions when meeting with customers through call recording, live note taking, auto-tagging, and transcription.
Live Notes
Take live notes during meetings that are automatically timestamped, in real time.
Call Transcription
The combination of meeting recording and complete transcription ensures you’ll never miss takeaways from your customer interactions.
Share Recordings
Share recorded meetings and clips directly with your customers. Receive notifications on their engagement and data on their areas of interest.
Tap Into the Potential of Conversation Intelligence

With Conversation Intelligence, enjoy new insight customer and prospect conversations with features like live-notes, call transcription, x-ray topics, call sharing, faster call playback, call libraries, and more.

“We love that SalesLoft gives us the opportunity to provide call coaching. We leverage this functionality on an ongoing basis. Reps are a lot more confident going into calls after receiving coaching and it’s improving our conversion metrics.”

—Steve Dodsworth, Director of Sales Development

Real-Time Coaching
Coach Your Team from Anywhere

Provide real-time call coaching, whether you are sitting next to a sales rep, across the office, or across the globe. Seek out active calls, respond to real-time requests for help, or review meetings for a coaching session. In all cases, SalesLoft allows you to provide the attention and care good coaching requires, at scale.

Own Your Team’s Meetings
Meetings are where deals are won and lost. Conversation Intelligence offers a unique coaching experience to improve team effectiveness.
Understand Performance
Review hours of calls in minutes to build a better picture of meeting quality quicker than ever before.
Empower Self-Study
Create libraries of your best meetings and calls to bring reps – new and old – to productivity faster.
Annotate for Remote Coaching
Leaders can add tagged and time-stamped comments on recorded meetings, identifying areas of improvement.
Improve Onboarding and Performance

Better call coaching doesn’t just mean improved performance for your sales reps, it delivers value for the organization. Effective call coaching has been shown to improve onboarding, ensuring message consistency, and shortening time-to-productivity of new hires. When your team wins, the company wins.

“With Live Call Studio, we provide the modern sales coaching our team needs to make every rep a top performer.”

Simeon Watson Jr, Manager Inside Sales, CallidusCloud

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