In November, we notified all team admins that the SalesLoft Prospector product would retire on Jan. 15, 2017.

After announcing here and through email that we’d stopped selling Prospector last year, we’ve continued to support the product for existing users, but in January, the underlying data we use to power Prospector will no longer be available. We wanted to give you enough time to transition to a new product, and we are offering exclusive offers to leading data providers, including ZoomInfo, DiscoverOrg and RingLead, that we’ve secured for SalesLoft customers. We’ve also prepared an FAQ page for your review.

As part of the final farewell to Prospector, we are extending availability through the end of the month, Jan. 30, at no additional charge.

SalesLoft has never been in a healthier position to serve you and your team. The transition from Prospector to Cadence last year gave us the focus we needed to bring the best sales engagement platform to market for you and your peers. We’re driven by customer feedback, and we are dedicated to serving your needs as you lead the industry as a modern sales and marketing organization.

As you know, the world of revenue generation is changing rapidly. Traditional sales approaches are extinct and your teams are being challenged at a new level as buyers expect modern and customized sales conversations. We’d love the opportunity to continue our partnership and to show you how Cadence is helping 1,500 customers worldwide in their mission to convert more “target accounts” to “customer accounts.” Let me know if you have any questions.


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Kyle Porter
CEO, SalesLoft