Rainmaker 2018 has come and gone, but your passion for sales lasts forever.

Attended Rainmaker 2018 and want to look back over the slides? Missed Rainmaker 2018 and want to start making a case for Rainmaker 2019 right now? In either case, take a look below for the slides from the Rainmaker breakout sessions.


How To Shift From A Good Rep Into A Great Rep Through Storytelling, Doug Landis

Are you a storyteller? Or just a seller? In this session, Doug Landis, Partner at Emergence Capital will showcase how the transfer of both information and belief during the sales cycle can be made easier, and more impactful through the art of storytelling. Learn how stories help to establish an emotional connection with your buyers and build trust throughout the sales cycle.

Sales A-Players, Ralph Barsi

In this session, Ralph Barsi, Global Sales Development Leader at ServiceNow, will walk through the philosophical dilemma behind the common question – how do I become a Sales A-player? Ralph has led a distinguished career leading successful sales teams. More importantly, he’s dedicated a large portion of this time building, mentoring and improving teams to not only invest in their craft but also to believe in their mission. Sales leaders’ investment in their human capital – the real people that comprise their sales teams – will be one of the most important factors in defining the future success of your sales organization.

You Had One Job: Don’t Miss The One Thing Your Buyer Cares About, Kevin Dorsey

People don’t buy for 10 reasons, they buy for only 2-3. Find those 2-3 and watch your close rate and average sale skyrocket!

We Practice What We Preach: Our Process for Outbound Excellence, John Barrows & Morgan Ingram

In this jammed packed session John and Morgan will walk you through the structure they use to train some of the fastest growing sales teams in the world while sharing their approach to the most effective way for to bridge the divide between managers and reps through their personal experience in working together.

If you’re a rep or a manager trying to figure out how to drive consistent results and stay ahead of the game then this session is for you.

It Takes a Village: Building Pipeline for Scale, Matt Amundson

Sales and Marketing professionals want the same thing – the opportunity to meet or exceed bookings goals on a monthly and quarterly basis. Unfortunately, many businesses ask their sales teams to build and close their own pipeline. In this session you’ll learn how to build an organization that incorporates Marketing, Sales Development and Sales to create, refine and streamline a process that drives repeatable, closable pipeline. Learn how a marketing leader thinks about marketing KPIs, organizing an SDR team and ultimately how to partner with sales to conquer a market.

Dew Point & Temperature: The Science and Technique Behind Making It Rain, Shawn Cook

In science we learned that precipitation happens when there is more condensation than evaporation in the air. In fact, depending on the temperature that condensation could be in the form ICE, SNOW, FOG, or RAIN. This session is for those who want to know the secrets behind creating the conditions for rain at every stage of your sales process and eliminates your chances of failure and thus guaranteeing your success.

We will review the Motives of a Rainmaker – The Mindset of the Rainmaker and the Methodology of a Rainmaker including tips and recommendations for moving your prospects from Ice, to Snow, from Snow to Fog and from Fog to RAIN!

The Right Way to Scale: Aligning Your Go-To-Market for Growth, Sam Jacobs

Sam Jacobs, Founder of the New York Revenue Collective, walks through a framework for evaluating your company’s ability to scale properly. When to invest and when not to including common mistakes and pitfalls. He’ll go through useful tactics to help evaluate your readiness for scale including simple ratios to frame your unit economics, strategies for aligning sales and marketing effectively, and the “calendar” test to ensure you don’t over hire sales people before you’ve built out demand generation.

A How To: Sell and Market Like a Category Leader, Sangram Vajre

In this session, Sangram Vajre, Terminus Co-Founder & CMO, author of Account-Based Marketing For Dummies, and founder of #FlipMyFunnel will share some of the unique challenges of category creation. Sangram will discuss lessons learned and provide the audience with solid takeaways to win the race in building your category for your business.

Account Based Execution: Success Stories From The Front Lines, Kristina McMillan

Adopting an account-based strategy can sometimes appear easier than it actually is. Yet the benefits for organizations can be tremendous. Execution of account-based sales campaigns can be littered with missteps. Who does what action? When does it happen in the process and how do you identify and track dependencies? How do companies effectively hand off accounts internally?

Kristina will share 5 real-world examples of how execution actually works for successful account-based teams. Learn how the air-traffic control really works to avoid a disjointed, jumbled mess and ensure the smooth and seamless account interaction that you’re striving for.

The Changing Face of Inside Sales: How To Lead A Team of Strategic Sellers, Christina Cherry

In this session, Christina Cherry, Co-Founder and CEO at InsideOut, shares insights on the right ways to lead a team of strategic sellers. Drawing from her experience building sales teams across a broad range of verticals, Christina addresses how the fundamental changes in Inside Sales over the last decade has highlighted the need for sellers to be more agile in their sales strategies and equipped with the ability to thrive on change.

Surprising Sales Lessons: Benihana Restaurant Model In The B2B Tech Space, Fred Shilmover

What can Benihana restaurants teach us about operating a successful inside sales team? Surprisingly, a lot. Hiraki Aoki, founder of Benihana restaurants, created a systemic approach to designing and operating his restaurants, proving a simple model can lead to greater efficiencies and utilization of resources. In this session, Fred Shilmover, co-founder and CEO of InsightSquared, will share how your organization can apply the Benihana approach to B2B sales operations with examples, lessons he’s learned along the way and how he measures success.

Avoid Landmines: The 3 Mistakes Every Company Makes Building The Outbound Sales Model, Liz Cain

Building an outbound sales motion is not new, and yet almost every company makes the same few mistakes in the first months of getting up and running. Whether you are a serial entrepreneur, first time sales manager or seasoned sales leader, I can guarantee you’ve experienced these issues. ​In this session we’ll explore the 3 mistakes that every company makes and how to avoid them. Learn how to better focus your outbound efforts through segmentation, create a culture of structured experimentation and meet the buyer where they are.

The Science of Sales: Having A Sales Process Map, Hilary Headlee

In order to achieve the 2018 sales plan, we must have a clear sales process that defines what we do, how we do it, and how we measure it. Without this, we cannot be consistent across sales and maximize our sales productivity.

Sales Ops is the co-pilot for sales strategy on making the number. This map will give you a framework to share with Sales, C-s, and Boards of what you’re doing to support it.

Make Your Tech Stack Sing: Orchestration with Automation Rules, Ryan Splain

During this session you will be empowered with the knowledge you need to create an end to end integration of SalesLoft, CRM, and Marketing Automation Systems.

After this session, importing and moving leads by hand will be a thing of the past. We will cover the basic automation rules you need to add, move, and remove people from cadences.

Power Users: We’ll also be examining some advanced processes to bring lead/account scoring to the next level and cadence-based reporting to SFDC.

Work Smarter: Heaps of Dialer Did-You-Knows, Bryan Hill and Derek Frome

In this session, dialer expert Bryan Hill will walk through SalesLoft’s dialer technology, best practices, and features that you should be leveraging to make the most of your phone use.

Data Science For All: Unpacking Derived Cadences, Roi Ceren, Scott Mitchell, & Mike Coscetta

How many touches does it take to get a contact to respond? Is it better to call or email a contact when reaching out for the first time? How long should you wait before following up with a contact after your first, fifth or tenth attempt? Is there a combination of sales touches that consistently outperforms the rest? These are just a few of the questions that keep our customers and SalesLoft’s lead data scientist Roi Ceren up at night.

Over the course of the past year, Ceren has analyzed more than 200 million sales interactions which have occurred on the SalesLoft Platform since January 2016, looking for answers to many of these questions. This session will investigate what initiatives the data science team is working on, as well as the findings from recent projects and how insights from our vast data set will begin to take shape inside the platform.

Scaling Personalization: A Real World Success Scenario, Cam Hilsman and Jack Veronin

Most people think personalization at scale is impossible. It’s not. Check out this real world example of how to leverage SalesLoft cadences to reel in the big one.

The Value of SalesLoft: Structure, Rhythm, and Predictability, Amanda Holcombe and Danny Garcia

New to SalesLoft? Just joined a team that is currently using SalesLoft? Or simply curious about untapped capabilities that can empower your team to provide a better sales experience?

Join Danny and Amanda, SalesLoft platform experts, as they guide you through the full breadth of how SalesLoft works and showcase exactly how it can make the lives of your sales team better.

Creativity in Cadences: Driving Efficiency For All Roles, Alea Homison

Learn how Cadences can drive efficiencies across your entire sales and customer success organization – from SDRs to AEs to AMs – and even Sales Enablement. Alea will also discuss how automation rules can further optimize Cadences, including individual workflows as well as those critical handoffs from SDR to AE and AE to AM.

Alea has deployed SalesLoft across 90+ users by developing Cadences and automation rules by role across sales and customer success organizations. Her efforts have helped increase meeting conversion rates by 3x, improve sales rep productivity, and decrease churn. Alea has experience scoping, building, and growing sales enablement and sales development programs at multiple high-growth organizations.

The SalesLoft App Ecosystem: Creating a Better Sales Experience, Sean Kester

The SalesLoft App Ecosystem is growing and we can’t wait to share the news! Sean Kester, our very own VP of Product Strategy, will share the latest about what we are doing to help you create a better sales experience.

Level Up: Become a SalesLoft Power User, Stephen Gladney and Jennifer Lucas

The SalesLoft platform is always evolving, improving, growing, and capable of more. Sometimes more than you may know. Let us show you our favorite, most noteworthy capabilities in SalesLoft and creative ways to apply them in the hopes that there’s something available that you haven’t discovered yet that could have a positive impact to your bottom line.

Not Just a Buzzword: ABM Really Is A Revenue Producer, Victor Sowers

When you deal with 30,000+ inbound leads a month you build a lot of systems to make sure you’re focused on your best leads. At CB Insights our BD, Sales Ops, and Marketing teams have consistently gotten more targeted in terms of messaging moving steadily from industry, to industry + use case, to industry + use case + account. The result of chaining together multiple tools in our tech stack (Salesforce, Hubspot, SalesLoft, Guru and more) is less noise, better conversations, and an inbound ABM engine that’s helped fuel 3 straight years of 100% revenue growth. Come take a peek behind the curtain to see what we’re doing and how we’re doing it.