Technology can help you close deals.

Simple technology can help you open opportunities really fast by finding sales source leads.

Today we’re sharing a very easy-to-use technology that will produce hot, hot leads for you. The best thing about this tip: you don’t have to wait for a marketing department to hand over “qualified” leads to get them. *church choir commences*

The World’s Most Sophsticated Database of Job Openings: Indeed

Imagine the possibilities if you knew all the companies who were hiring in your industry? You’d be able to prospect hot leads in minutes. For example: finding out that a company is hiring an outside sales rep in the Southeast region means their expanding. Immediate sales trigger.

Or, if a company is hiring a sales operations manager, now is a great time for a marketing automation company or sales intelligence company to call in and see if their product is a good fit.

It’s simple.

Go to the website:

Search for the industry you’re selling in and find out who’s hiring. Narrow your search via state, city. or zip. Hone it even further with their advanced features.  It’s a great sales trigger.

Automate the research

Would you like an email every day of the new job postings in your industry? Sign up for an Indeed account. Go to your preferences and create an alert that sends you an email when a new job matching your interested shows up.

Sales Source Leads | How to Find Leads with Needs

Advance Search Queries 

This is for the advanced sales rep who wants to dive even deeper in to data.

Let’s say I’m trying to sell into companies who have just hired a VP of Sales:

[box](VP OR “Vice President” OR “Vice-President”) + (sales OR “business development”)[/box]

This is called a boolean search and targets multiple keywords within one search. Strong.

Find Your Own Leads

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