If you live in Atlanta and care about sales, then you’ve heard about this talk.

A few months ago, Allen Nance (founder of email marketing company WhatCounts & serial entrepreneur), got up on stage at B2BCamp and gave what will go down as one the best presentations on B2B marketing and sales entrepreneurship ever.

It was emotional. It was transparent. It was eye opening. Everyone I spoke with who listened to it felt like it was written for them.

You should have been there. But since you weren’t, we filmed it. Allen Nance, Keynote @ B2BCamp ATL 2013. You better prepare yourself for what you’re about to watch:

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If you skipped to this section without watching…that’s ok. We had our content specialist Greg Klingshirn write up a summary (from a sales perspective)…

Allen is currently founder and CEO of WhatCounts, a business focused on harnessing data to improve marketing. Let’s look at the best deliveries from this talk and see his tips to creating a sales and marketing masterpiece.

1. Pay attention to your ‘Team Genetics’

Some teams have a culture of loud sales champions and some have teams of quiet killers. It’s important to align your strategies with the culture of your team.

2. Reinvest in Sales

The allocation of profits you generate can be the difference between success and failure…especially in software. Put money into recruiting, advertising, and streamlining your sales team.

Even if you’re earning a good profit, it doesn’t mean you’ll keep growing. You have to keep spending it on scale so that you’re not surpassed by competition (especially in the most popular markets).

3. Have a Strong Sales Leader

Sales leadership as a role is a full time job.

Have a role devoted specifically to helping grow the sales team and improve the process, and make sure it’s separated from calling, emailing, and list building- those are jobs for your BDR’s & AE’s.

For example, a VP of Sales should be a coach that builds a team and systems that create a predictable revenue stream, not spend time on calls or emails.

4. Build Your Sales Team Based On Chemistry

Have a model of what your reps should look like and make sure it’s tailored specifically to your business.

The more detailed, the better.

You should have a template of what your sales team should look like. Rather than hiring ‘great salesman,’ hire people that fit a specific role in your business.

5. Specialize Roles Within Your Sales Team

Have people that do specific tasks they are great them.

It’s productive to have roles that just make lists, just call, or just manage. By breaking every task into verticals that members can specialize on you’ll go deeper and create more leads.

6. Measure Individual Roles

Make sure and keep up not only with how the team is doing, but how individuals are completing their tasks. If one role is focused on list generation, measure how well they create lists and what they could tweak to improve their performance.

When you measure individual metrics (particularly in CRM), you can tweak and change them easily. For example, you may monitor inbound leads when you should be measuring turnovers.

7. Go ‘Allbound’

Inbound marketing can generate prospects, but not leads. Try not to focus solely on inbound, because there are plenty of other things that are just as important.

Use an ‘allbound’ model. Do everything: social media, calling, inbound and outbound marketing for a well rounded business.

8. Interact With Your Reps Hourly

Sales success requires hourly interaction between reps and managers to communicate success and failure in real time.

Calls and demos happen hour by hour and are the things that make your company successful. Make sure and check several times a day, rather than daily, weekly or monthly.

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