Your SDRs and AEs are referred to as a sales team for a reason. Just like any functional team, each member has their own position and their own responsibility. But the best way for any team to rack up points and achieve goals is by working together. The best teams depend on collaboration through the entire team to bring home a championship. A similar dynamic exists within successful sales teams because – all together now – “Teamwork makes the dream work.”

Specializing sales roles, like segmenting SDRs and AEs, creates an efficient flow within your sales team. Through their specific roles the entire team maximizes their individual efforts. But by working together sales teams can take their deal closing game to the next level.

SDRs also offer assistance by providing a thorough account history to AEs. Sales Engagement Platforms like SalesLoft push all of your account activity history into Salesforce. This way AEs don’t have to go searching for account information, it’s all prepared as they start to make contact with the account.

That’s why we invited Cole Outz to this edition of Sales Tips to share how he optimizes his sales process with AE collaboration.

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