Sales used to be a profession dominated by soft skills and going with your gut. For a select few, this approach can work. But for a majority in the sales profession, it leaves them struggling to understand their performance and improve.

These days, the best sales organizations are using data and technology to turn the sales profession into just as much of a science as an art. In this new breed of sales organization, sales operations professionals are uniquely positioned to deliver incredible value. Skilled with both new technology and data, sales ops can support the entire modern sales organization, track and optimize performance, and design efficient processes and solutions. If the modern sales organization thrives on both art and technology, science and sincerity, sales operations is where these two disparate styles meet and create sales success.

The discipline of Sales Operations is still carving out a place for itself and many sales organizations are struggling to find out where that is and how to make their new operations team successful. To answer those questions, we created this new ebook “The Essential Guide to Sales Operations”



This ebook outlines the fundamentals of successful Sales Operations teams and where they fit into a modern sales organization’s structure. The ebook also takes a look at how Sales Operations teams can be successful in the following areas for the sales organization:

  • Process
  • Data
  • Efficiency

Sales success is not simply about installing technology and implementing sales processes. It’s about mastering these three core components of sales operations to collect data, summon insights, and employ best practices that ensure success. Armed with data, tools and their close relationship with the team, Sales Operations leaders are truly driving go-to market strategies in modern sales organizations.

So download a copy of the ebook today and take your Sales Operations team into the modern sales era.