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3 Ways to Scale Sales Coaching with Technology {Video}

4 min read
May 23, 2018

One of the primary challenges a sales manager faces is finding time to effectively coach.  Coaching is one of many responsibilities in a sales manager’s job description.  Successful sales coaching requires managers to have processes in place that allow them to scale development activities.

Chris Olive, Enterprise SDR Manager at Salesloft, is sharing 3 simple ways he utilizes technology to improve his coaching process. Incorporating a variety of coaching tools into his coaching methods allows Chris the time to provide effective and ongoing training for his sales reps.

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Hey, this is Chris Olive, Manager of the Enterprise SDR team at Salesloft. Today I’m going to talk to you about three ways to scale your sales coaching.

Most managers have a time problem. You want to provide sales reps with the time necessary to help them improve in the areas that you’re focused on, but there’s only so many hours in each day. One of the most important elements of sales coaching is the preparation that goes into it.

Here are a few ways that I use technology to scale my sales coaching.

Salesloft has an extensive app directory comprising of several technologies that improve the selling experience. One of these technologies that we use daily is Gong, a technology that allows us to review calls with our SDR’s to level up their performance. Because time is scarce as a manager, using Gong allows me to segment my time by identifying calls where I can help my team improve, as well as calls that highlight areas where my team is doing really well to share with the rest of the team. Because time is scarce as a manager, I utilize Gong’s search parameters that help me to organize calls to prioritize where I’m focusing my time.

An area that could be considered dead time would be my commute to and from work. On my commute, I listen to calls using these folders in Gong. It allows me to walk in the door knowing exactly what I need to focus on for the individual rep or the team as a whole. Salesloft Live Call Studio allows reps to virtually raise their hand when they need help. I can listen and provide real-time coaching.

In Live Call Studio, you have three primary features. First, I can listen to a call without the prospect or rep knowing that I’m listening in. I can also speak to the rep in their ear. We call this whisper. The prospect can’t hear this, but I can help a rep if they’re struggling. Or if there’s an area where I need to get involved, I can actually join the call and help to elevate the buying experience for our customers. You really need to figure out what’s best for each rep on your team.

For some, I utilize Slack and message back and forth with them while they are on a call to help provide direction when needed. Just last week a prospect was asking one of my reps how they knew when I was on a call. I was able to join the call and demonstrate how our Live Call Studio helps to elevate that experience. Using Live Call Studio I was able to provide live coaching for my SDR and elevate the buying experience for our customers.

50% of the success is in the follow-up. I utilize a technology called Boomerang to help keep my reps and myself accountable after coaching sessions. I send this list of action items in an email using Boomerang, this bumps up that email the following week for us to review. This allows me to track success on the goals with the rep and prioritize areas that we need continue coaching on.

Thanks for watching. These are just a few ways that I utilize technology to scale coaching to add more time back in my day. Feel free to drop any questions below. Thanks for watching and have a great day.