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Answering Your Questions About Key Sales Metrics {Infographic}

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Aug. 11, 2016

Metrics! Metrics! Metrics! This is a common word you hear in the world of sales, but which ones matter most, and which key sales metrics do you need to track?

As a software sales organization, we know that sales metrics run far and wide. There’s so much to consider when going through the numerous analytics of daily sales activities of both Sales Development Reps and Account Executives, and it can seem overwhelming to even know where to start.

For example, an SDR’s calls-per-day may be a reflection of their lead sourcing numbers, but the same metric would not be the best way to measure the performance of an AE trying to close a deal. Juggling all of the key sales metrics available for each and every step of the sales process can seem daunting…

Well, fear not! The Essential Guide to Sales Analytics has you covered. Follow the flowchart in this infographic to determine what key sales metrics you need to track to become a world-class sales organization:

The Answers to Your Sales Questions

And remember… if your sales reps are performing repeatable and predictable behaviors — ones that are continually optimized based on performance key sales metrics — you’ll have a better understanding of strategies that can benefit the entire sales organization.

Now that you’ve had a chance to see what metrics you need track, bring them home to measure your team’s performance. If you want to learn even more about sales analytics, download the full ebook here.

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