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As a Sales Rep, It Sucks to Find the Right Content for your Prospects…Until Now

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May. 7, 2015

As a sales rep, it sucks to find the right content for your prospects…until now.

Buyers have challenges. They are unique to their own situations. As a marketing team, it’s our goal to solve those problems through content. Once the content is built, we have to deliver it to our reps in a way that’s easily usable.

The problem?

We produce a ton of content and our team has a hard time finding the best for their prospect’s particular situation.

The sales team doesn’t want to have to search through the blog or their computer to find right piece of content at the right time.

With the help of a consultant, Salesloft content producer Greg Klingshirn has put together a smart little Chrome Extension that helps reps identify and share relevant content. They can share this content during demos or in any communications.

Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 9.26.11 AM

Introducing Content Finder, a chrome extension for sales executives to put content to play with their prospects.

To get started, the rep hits the extension and sees options for the type of content they’re searching for:


By selecting case studies for example, they see these options:


By clicking the mail icon next to piece of content’s name, an email draft is automatically created.

It’s just that simple. It’s there for the rep all the time, with just the most valuable content.

This product is built today as an internal project but share this article and mention @salesloft on Twitter if you would like to see it in action for your team.

Updated 5/11/15: We’ve received great feedback in the comments and on Twitter. Right now, there is no admin page to manage the content so we’re doing it all with code. It looks like enough strong feedback for us to finalize the project and provide you with a link. Stay tuned!