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CRMs Weren’t Built for the Modern Sales Professional

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Updated Aug. 4, 2021
Published Sep. 1, 2016

CRMs, from one perspective, are simply supposed to be data entry systems. Sales operations folks designed the systems to match up to their reps’ sales processes, and from the new leads coming in, to the latest touchpoint of that big account ready to close, CRMs are built to know all.

Unfortunately, the system that was once designed to give salespeople the most benefit is actually leaching hours from their selling time, and this is happening for one reason and one reason alone:

CRMs are hard to update.

For a tool that was built to organize, maintain, and track mission critical information for all key sales functions, many sales teams are struggling to use it effectively. As the modern sales professional has evolved, the way they execute and track activity into their CRM has lagged.

This is because the original CRM model wasn’t built for the modern sales professional. But just as we wouldn’t send our modern astronauts off in a rocket with the same design as the Challenger, we shouldn’t send our reps out into the sales space in an out of date CRM.

Fixing these productivity problems is actually easier than you may think. That’s why we created our newest eBook “Houston, We Have a Sales Problem.”

sales problems eBook


Too many managers deal with this sales problem on a regular basis. While technology (in theory) improves speed and accuracy of certain daily tasks, the more tools reps have to monitor, manage, maintain, and update, can actually slow their productivity significantly.

But CRM isn’t going anywhere. (Remember: CRM or It Didn’t Happen…) So stop letting sales problems ruin the mission, and empower your reps with a sales engagement platform built for the modern sales professional.

Download your copy of the eBook today to launch into greater detail on each of these issues, how deeply they impact a sales organization, and what using the right sales tools can do to solve them.