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3 Tips for Choosing an Enterprise Sales Engagement Platform

3 min read
Updated Aug. 25, 2021
Published Jul. 11, 2018

It should come as no surprise that Sales Engagement software is a big value-add to sales organizations. Whether it’s to gain visibility into pipeline activity or decrease ramp time, enterprise sales platforms provide an opportunity to improve efficiency and get the most from your sales team.

In fact, research shows that top-performing reps use data, intelligence, and productivity tools 30% more than average performers. Sales Engagement platforms have become a competitive advantage!

There’s a lot to consider when reviewing enterprise sales solutions. In this video, Julie Mai, a member of our Enterprise Sales team at Salesloft, shares three tips for choosing an enterprise Sales Engagement platform.


Hi, I’m Julie Mai, a member of the Enterprise Sales Team here at Salesloft. Today, I’d like to talk to you about questions that buyers have when they’re looking at Sales Engagement software. First, let’s take a step back and talk Sales Engagement software and why it’s something that you’re looking at now.

Sales Engagement for enterprise teams is something that’s being considered now, but it’s often a slow thing to be adopted. Digital transformation in sales is taking place across the enterprise. 

As we’re looking at these projects, it’s very common for sales to be the last area to be considered. Sales Engagement software should allow sales reps to be able to do their job more effectively and more efficiently while delivering great value to the organization.

When talking to organizations, one of the things that they commonly ask is “how do we get visibility into our pipeline and into rep performance?” By getting a baseline of the activities that your reps are performing, you’re able to get visibility into these processes and set some standards, and also to have better expectations across the team. Sales leaders have been trying to replicate their best reps since the beginning of time.

There should be no mystery around what your best reps are doing, and Sales Engagement software automatically records those activities and allows reps to be more productive day in and day out.

Another bonus is that your new reps will be able to ramp much more quickly. Before organizations will invest in these sorts of solutions, they need to make sure that the business case is there and that they will see a clear ROI. Sales Engagement vendors will work with you to look at your current processes and to think about the art of what could come.

Your vendor should also have implementation teams and customer success teams that will allow you to take that initial investment and parlay it into even greater savings in time for your organization. 

Ensuring that you have a smooth adoption process allows us to make that business case as part of the buying cycle, but also to ensure that it comes through as far as the implementation and your ongoing days.

Thanks for watching! I hope you’ve learned the answers to some of your questions in enterprise solutions. Thanks, and have a great day.

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