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Four Benefits of Account-Based Sales Development

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Jan. 10, 2017

Before the dawn of Account-based Sales Development, as a top of the funnel Sales Development Rep, you spent each and every day on the front-lines of the sales organization, working to schedule appointments and consultations with individual prospects.

For years, you’ve used a traditional contact-based approach, reaching out to large lists of probable prospects, most in multiple different roles, at different organizations. And while this approach has seen great success over the past decade or so, it’s not always the best approach when it comes to reaching your best potential customers in a world of complex sales cycles and cluttered messaging.

That’s why there’s a new approach on the block. A new focus on accounts, specifically, Account-based Sales Development, targets the customers you know will grow your business — and it’s seen wild success in the modern sales organization. Rather than attacking prospects simply with a desired title at high-volume, the Account-based Sales Development approach is more strategic, defining your best accounts and focusing intensely on closing them.

Here are four ways Account-based Sales Development can benefit you and your team:

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