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Get Personal with Persona-Based Selling

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Updated Aug. 25, 2021
Published Sep. 20, 2017

Building personal relationships is crucial to sales success. But since every person you interact with is unique, the thought of catering your process to each potential buyer’s personality may seem overwhelming.

Fortunately, people tend to fall into a limited number of personas based on common traits. Personas make it easier to understand your future customers, how they like to communicate, how they like to be sold to, and even the types of emails they respond to most.

By defining buyer personas based on factors like job title or industry you can easily cater messages to each type of buyer. Persona-based cadences, for example, allow you to adjust how often you communicate, which email templates you send, and pre-record specific voicemails that fit the persona you’re engaging. This way you’ll deliver a personalized experience no matter which type of buyer you are targeting.

For this edition of Sales Tips, we’ve invited Asa Winchester, an SDR here at Salesloft, to share some of his tips for using personalizing messages to your target account personas.


Hey, Asa Winchester here. Today I’d like to talk a little bit about how to effectively communicate with different personas. As you reach out to different accounts you’ll be speaking with different personas, from sales operations to vice president of sales. Each persona cares about different things. And that’s why tailoring messages to each persona is so important. I found success using research and technology to connect with different personas across each account.

The first step in connecting with the right people is making it easy to repeat your process. With cadences based off of specific personas, we’re making it easy to execute phone and email steps so you can deliver relevant messaging to your prospects. We recommend that you make three to four different cadences for your most popular personas that your reps are reaching out to. For us, it’s vice president level, manager level, and sales operations.

The second thing I like to do when reaching out to high-value accounts is doing research on that specific persona. So for me personally, I like to do my research on the front-end to give me any and everything that’s going to help me be able to engage with that specific individual and their persona. I take all my notes inside of Salesloft so whenever I’m sending an email, or even making a phone call, I know exactly what’s important and valuable to them.

An example of how I’m using this kind of research on the persona level is, there was an account that went through a couple of the SDRs. It was a target account, but it was hard to break into. When it came across to me I was able to do a little bit more digging on my end and I found that the VP was very interested in CrossFit. With a simple Google search of CrossFit and sales, I found an article that related not only to his personal interests but also to his business interests. After crafting an email, I immediately received a response and was able to schedule that appointment.

However, there are other activities in reps’ days like leaving voicemails that soak up a lot of time. We found a way to automate that activity so that you can focus your time on what really matters. So when I’m reaching out to a vice president of sales or a sales operations leader, I can drop a prerecorded voicemail that has a message tailored exactly to their persona and what I want to communicate with them with just a click of a button.

Thanks for watching. Hope you were able to learn some more about persona-based messaging. Feel free to leave a comment below, I’d love to hear how your team has found success with this type of strategy.

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