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How Financial Services Teams Benefit from Sales Engagement

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Updated Sep. 8, 2021
Published Aug. 3, 2021

Financial services sales have changed. Your clients are savvier than ever, with all the information they could ever need online.

By the time they have a first conversation with a rep or producer, it’s likely they’ve talked to peers, researched their options online, and read reviews about you and your competitors. In fact, leads spend just 17% of their time meeting with vendors according to Gartner.  

When they do talk to your team, their expectations are high. E-commerce giants like Amazon have spoiled consumers forever, seeming to know what they want, recommending the right products ‘intuitively,’ then providing seamless buying experiences. And whether fair or not, it’s human nature to want every similar experience to be as good as your best experience. 

Keeping pace with buyers’ digitally empowered expectations means sellers must adapt by using technologies that help them improve customer experiences while lowering the cost of sales. – Forrester Research, Now Tech: Sales Enablement Automations Q2 2020

Of course, financial services sales are much more complex than the fully automated retail online sales cycle. Sales teams must deliver speedy follow-up with just the right message for your lead’s situation while maintaining the human element and personalized experience. Enter Sales Engagement.

A Sales Engagement platform automates interactions between reps and leads or clients while allowing the flexibility to personalize and scale interactions across email, phone, social, direct mail, and video. But that just scratches the surface of what a Sales Engagement platform does. 

A good Sales Engagement platform empowers your whole financial services sales or distribution team to work together to exceed revenue targets. Here’s how Sales Engagement can help each role better serve their leads and clients. 

Sales and Distribution Leaders

Reliable forecasting, developing and retaining talent, and remaining agile through change are at the top of your list of challenges. Sales Engagement analytics dashboards help you gain visibility into the sales process, cost of client acquisition, and length of relationships. Everyone wants to be able to predictably generate revenue, and with Sales Engagement, you can gain better visibility into your pipeline. 

Sales and Distribution Managers

Do you ever wonder if your team is leaving money on the table? With Sales Engagement, you gain visibility into your team’s sales execution, pipeline coverage, team and individual performance, and pipeline and deal health. You’ll better be able to ensure your team is winning every winnable deal and be able to provide greater insights while coaching and successfully ramping new producers.

Producers, Reps, Agents, and Lenders

Sales Engagement helps you consistently build your book of business by guiding you through a set of easy-to-follow steps to connect with leads and clients. Manage pipeline at a glance, never missing an opportunity with deal and engagement notifications tied to lead scoring and gap analysis. Sales Engagement also tracks and syncs all activity and engagement data across critical systems — like your CRM — automatically so you can spend less time updating Salesforce. 

Digital/Marketing Leaders

When you’re focused on executing a seamless account-based strategy with Sales, you need to maintain consistent messaging across all revenue-generating teams.  You also need to understand what tactics resonate with leads and prospects. Sales Engagement platforms help Sales and Marketing align and collaborate on messaging. Not only will you gain visibility into the performance of inbound leads, but you’ll be able to maintain greater messaging consistency throughout the customer journey. 

IT Leaders

You’re ultimately responsible for keeping your organization’s technology running like a well-oiled machine. Salesloft is built with enterprise-level governance and security and integrates easily with critical components of your tech stack like your CRM and marketing automation platforms to maximize the investment you’ve already made. 

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